PJ taste - Staff Handbook

Our aim is to be the preferred supplier of catering within Sheffield and surrounding areas by providing seasonally inspired local food. We recognised that success will come only from a concerted team effort with every member of staff contributing. This handbook lays out the principles within which we operate, our core values and a number of policies to guide and protect individuals within the business.


Fun at the opening of Gripple Riverside

This handbook should be used in conjunction with the documents issued during induction which include health and safety, hygiene and fire saftey. In addition your contract of employment covers the disciplinary and grievance procedures. Of course over time you will benefit from more training both on and off the job and will keep these pages updated with policies as and when they change or may be developed to cover particular aspects required by our work.

Here are links to the main policies and below we outline in full our Core Values.

Key Policies

PJ taste Core Values and Behaviours

Our customers and the quality of our food and service are at the heart of our business culture. We demonstrate this by being...

Passionate...about food, about what we do and about our customers

A team member will demonstrate this by...

  • Taking care in everything they do

  • Being bespoke to individual customer needs

  • Providing fantastic customer service on every occasion

  • Offering an excellent presentation of food and layout to our customers

  • Helping us lead in what we do and staying one step ahead

  • Making sure every customer feels special and is treated as an individual

Creative.... in our approach to our food and our events

A team member will demonstrate this by...

  • Reinforcing our individuality and our difference

  • Finding new ways of doing things

  • Improvising, adapting and overcoming problems and challenges

  • Actively sourcing new recipes, products, ingredients and service/delivery methods

  • Devoting time to specifically look at new ideas/concepts/recipes

Proactive... We fulfil our promises and do everything that it takes to ‘Deliver’!

A team member will demonstrate this by...

  • Proactively preparing and planning (and avoiding piss poor performance)

  • Asking / listening to spot and solve problems

  • Observing what’s going on and responding promptly and appropriately

  • Delivering a consistent experience

  • Making sure the customer is at ease - “hand holding” where necessary and keeping them updated

Enthusiastic... We love what we do and have fun doing it!

  • A team member will demonstrate this by...

  • Keeping things fresh and invigorating by being prepared to do new things

  • Putting themselves forward for new challenges and getting out of their comfort zone

  • Showing genuine enjoyment about what we do – talking passionately about the food we prepare and provide

  • Influencing and engaging others by sharing their enthusiasm with customers and colleagues

Purchasing and Partnerships... Locally sourced quality ingredients, suppliers and people are a cornerstone!

  • A team member will demonstrate this by...

  • Actively supporting and promoting our local suppliers

  • Seeking out local opportunities

  • Utilising local products and services balanced against issues of sustainability, quality and cost

  • Working with the seasons and utilising techniques of preservation in times of glut.

  • Engaging in constructive and focused dialogue with local producers and partners to develop new mutually beneficial business ideas

One Team.... We encourage and support each other in everything that we do

  • A team member will demonstrate this by...

  • Making sure colleagues are OK and offering / giving help when required

  • Being prepared to do something above and beyond ‘the norm’ to help out

  • Recognising upcoming workload levels and actively planning to support colleagues

  • Demonstrating commitment to the whole business ahead of just themselves and their team

  • Wearing a smile and being happy! (Even in the face of adversity)

Entrepreneurial .... We have a commercial and opportunistic focus

  • A team member will demonstrate this by...

  • Spotting opportunities for additional sales, discussing and taking action - Upselling when appropriate

  • Spotting and implementing opportunities to save money, reduce waste and improving efficiency

  • Demonstrating a real profit focus in everything they do

  • Sharing ideas and examples of best practice

Sustainable.... We actively care for and look to

minimise any negative impact on the environment

  • A team member will demonstrate this by...

  • Generating ideas and finding ways of becoming more ‘environmentally friendly’

  • Being ‘energy conscious’ when it comes to resources, waste and utilities

  • Minimising food waste, embracing “nose to tail” cooking and finding ways to create value from available resources.