PJ taste are committed to producing and serving food in as environmentally sustainable way as possible.  Our electric delivery vans are solar powered and many of our ingredients are sourced from local farmers and producers.

As our shared values say:  "We actively care for and look to minimise any negative impact on the environment.  We do this by generating ideas and finding ways of becoming more environmentally friendly.  Being concious when it coes to resources, waste and utilities and minimising food waste, embracing nose to tail" cooking and finding ways to create value from available resources".

We have two electric delivery vans which are charged via the 37 solar panels on the roof of our production kitchen at 54 Staniforth Road.  Our increasingly production growing programmes already supplies all our edible flowers as well as unusual fruits and herbs.  Currently developing a forest garden we will be increasing the input of sustainable and perennial crops to our kitchens.

In addition we support a number of local institutions including being corporate members of the Sheffield Wildlife Trust.