Tiger J's

I’m sure anyone seeing the recent TV programme, “Lost Land of the Tiger” will have been moved by the fragile grip that these awesome animals have on continued life on this planet.  Viewing events like these I think give small glimpses outside our cosseted domestic lives to remind us about nature, biology and how in many ways modern life has created a new reality.  This new state is very comfortable for many but does insulate us from real life in such a way that we may forget the important things until it’s too late.

I find that the best way to get back to nature is to get outside and observe close up but I guess if a TV programme can inspire us to do this it’s worth the watch.  My experience with the elements used to be outdoor activities such as climbing and mountain biking but now it’s more likely to be foraging in my immediate urban habitat.  In all cases though this getting outside is my window to reality and I heartily recommend it!

Back to tigers and a local connection.  At the age of 12 Janet Coglan survived an attach by a Bengal tiger ironically in a zoo in NE England.  Janet runs local business Coglans Cookery School in Chesterfield and has launched a range of chocolates she calls Tiger J’s. A contribution from the sale of each box is made to the Born Free Foundation which is dedicated to helping save tigers from extinction.

We love the chocolates but love the sentiment behind the initiative even more.  You can of course purchase boxes of these from us.

On a final related note, at least in my mind, I have found the art of Paul Evans stimulating in the way in which he provides another link to elemental nature.  Irconically you could have recently experienced this in Sheffield whilst still be quite cossetted in the confines of the Hallam University Furnival Building, now you need to do so in the even more insulatedenvironment of cyberspace!

More information about Paul’s current work.