We've found our new hero.

We are a bit slow on the uptake sometimes so apologies if this is old news but there appears to be a really cool chef in Denmark.  René Redzepi’s restaurant Noma is the winner of this year’s San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants.  What’s exciting for us is his pure philosophy of using ingredients from his immediate locality and experiencing their growth in the wildness for his inspiration.  There is a great video here of René explaining this.

Rene Redzepi

Already inspired to redouble our efforts to understand local food we look forward to reading his book.  In the meantime feast your eyes on his current dinner menu.

The Current Evening Menu – available at their web site.

Dried scallops and watercress
Biodynamic cereals and beech nut

Oyster and the sea

‘Læsø’ onion
Onion cress and thyme

The hen and the egg

Deer and wild thyme
Red beets and red fruits

Hay and chamomile
Sorrel and wild herbs

“Gammel dansk”
Milk and woodsorrel

7 courses 1095,-


2009 Theodora
Gut Oggau

2009 Weissburgunder ‘Klostersatz’’
Weingut Pichler-Krutzler

2008 Die Leidenschaft
Martin & Anna Arndorfer

2007 Meinklang
Weingut Michlits

2007 Blaufränkisch
Weingut Morich

2009 Roter Veltliner
Weingut Rudolf Fidesser

2008 Riesling ‘Beerenauslese’’
Weingut Rainer Wess

7 glasses 895,-

Juicemenu 395,-

Nb. Please note, that there may be daily changes.

Noma’s classics and new inventions with the best nordic produces
The experience lasts more than 4 hours and must be ordered no later than 8 pm.

noma nassaaq is only served to all guests at the table.
12 courses DKK 1395,-

Winemenu 1045,-