Inaugural Secret Supper Society Dinner

On arrival:  Cone of hot Parsnip (Yorkshire parsnip) and Vanilla mousse

On table:  Smoking Bilberry Mojitos (Derbyshire Moors), Mini Sheffield Eggs (Qualis eggs) with Moss Valley Pork, Henderson’s Relish, PJ taste chutney and Yorkshire cheddar, mini slice of Moss Valley pork knuckle terrine

Bread basket of PJ taste Sour Dough, Walnut and Honey Bread and Herbed Rolls from Carr House Farm Organic Flours

Butters – PJ taste butter from Our Cow Molly Milk: dark PJ taste Pontact Butter (made with local elderberries), and Local Horseradish and Pepper

Salad of Smoked Round Green Farm Venison with Roast Beetroot and Local Hogweed Seed Sauce

Ravioli (made with Harthill Eggs) with Local Wild Mushrooms and local grown mushrooms including Porcini,  Eryngi from Rotherham and truffle Oil – served in a Portobello Mushroom with black truffle shavings

Boned and rolled Shoulder of Lamb from Launde Farm in Leicester with Aubergine Puree, Creamed Spinach and Curly Kale  with a Whirlowhall Farm Fondant Potato

Rosehips (East Sheffield) Jelly, Local Hazelnut Cream, Sponge with a boozy rosehip sauce, Chestnut Flour and Local Hazelnut and Rosehip Florentines

Poached Comice Pear with Local Wild Apple and PJ taste 2011 Cider Granita with Amplethorpe Cider Brandy with Chocolate and Yarrow Soil

Chocolate coated ice cream balls in 36” balloon, dry ice, electric bulbs

PJ taste Yorkshire Cheeseboard featuring Traditional green Wax Wensleydale, Yorkshire Blue, Inglewhite Goats,Smoked Yorkshire style Cheddar with Paprika rolls Red grapes