Local Food is Great - lets kick Tesco while they're down

Not that I am bitter but Tesco’s recent loss of £5 billion in their share price in one day gave me some cause for cheer.  But just a bit.

Why so?  Well it indicates that people are exploring alternatives to this one stop monolith and choice is good.  Choice keeps the retailers keen and ensures that competition exists in the market place.

We want to promote the choice of the best local food made with care and designed to excite and stimulate.

But we can only take a fleeting moment of hope in Tesco’s woes as they will be back unless……Unless we can keep getting better at winning our customers support.  And as I have said before in “How can the independents fight back” we can only do this by getting better at marketing the benefits of our wares more effectively and enabling our customers to get hold of our goodies more easily.

So in this spirit here’s our fabulous Specials and Offers for next week do give us a try!  PJtasteWestStMenu 230112