Sheffield Food Festival - BBC Radio Sheffield DJ's Cook Off

Going head to head in the Demonstration Kitchen on Saturday 21 September 2013 were Toby Foster with recipes by PJ taste and Paulette Edwards with assistance from Silversmiths.  Peter from PJ taste designed the receipes for Toby to show how simple it is to cook great tasting food from local ingredients.  A couple of interesting twists in the shape of fruit leather and handmade cider made an appearance too – details below.   Here are the receipes and Toby’s schedule to produce all within half an hour.

The PJ taste Dishes prepared for Toby Foster to cook:  Povey Farm (Moss Valley) Pork Loin with Sheffield Apple and PJ taste 2012 Vintage Cider Sauce (made form Woodhouse Apples) (Vegetables – local carrots with tops, broccoli).  Followed by a Plum and Frangipan Tart with Sheffield Hazelnuts (2012 crop – Woodhouse) and garnished with PJ taste Apple and Blackberry Fruit Leather.  The menu was designed to be as simple to make as possible whilst being seasonal with plenty of opportunity to use local foraged ingredients.  The cider and fruit leather making is fun and a great way to preserve foods for the winter months.


Sweet Shortcrust Pastry – makes plenty for 12 individual 8cm tart tins or 2 larger 10 inch tart tins

 200g butter
350g plain flour (Carr House Farm – Driffield)
125g Castor Sugar
2 eggs and one egg yolk
pinch of salt

Rub in butter to flour but leave before you reach the breadcrumb stage (ie there should still be bigger shards of butter left).  Add sugar and salt and mix to a dough with eggs.  Rest in the fridge for half an hour before rolling out and lining tart tins.  Rest again and blind bake for 15 mins at 180 degrees C.

Plum Puree
Locate local cherry plums – heat with scant drop of water and press through PJ taste’s method of a wide holed plastic sieve to remove stones and skin!


200g sugar
200g butter
100g eggs (2 eggs) We used Aston Springs Farm Eggs
200g ground almonds

Beat together sugar and butter until pale and creamy.  Add eggs and beat in well then fold in almonds.

To finish the tarts pour in some plum puree and pipe on the frangipan mixture dotting the top with Sheffield Hazelnuts.  Bake until golden and the frangipan has risen.  Garnish with Fruit Leather (see receipe here) and the last of the seasons edible flowers.

PJ taste edible flowers – Vulcan, Nasturium, Borage, Viola

Loin of Pork Dish.  We use Pork from Moss Valley Fine Meats and Cream fromOur Cow Molly.

We make the cider from local apples – you can see some thoughts on this here.

Cream and Apple Sauce

Stew local foraged apples in butter.  Add cider and cook down,  finish with Our Cow Molly cream.

Pork Loin
Trim your Moss Valley Fine Foods pork tenderloin of any excess sinew.  Slice into “medalions” 3/4” thick.

Season with salt and fresh crushed black pepper and sear in Yorkshire Rapeseed oil on both sides,  continue to cook for 3-4 minutes before pouring in the cider sauce.  Reduce by half and add the apple puree and cream.  Bring up to a nice simmer and serve.

Toby’s Schedule to make the meal in half an hour.

12 noon – Make Tarts

  1.  Make sweet pastry – flour, butter, sugar and egg all pre-weighed.  Into fridge to rest. 3 minutes


  1. Take ready made pastry from fridge and roll out and put into individual 8cm tart tins. 4 minutes

12.07pm  make Frangipan

1.  Beat together sugar and butter.  Add eggs and fold in almonds. – 3 minutes


  1. Fill tarts (pre made blind baked tarts) with plum puree and pipe on frangipan (pre made puree and frangipan).  Dot top with Sheffield hazelnuts.  3 minutes.


  1. Put tarts into bake for 15 minutes. – 1 minute
    (will be ready at 12.28 ready for plating


  1. Trim fruit leather for garnish – 2 minutes

12.16pm Prepare Pork

  1.  Trim Pork Loin of excess sinew – 1 minute


  1. Slice pork into “medallions” – 1 minute


3.  Add a little Yorkshire Rapeseed oil to a frying pan.  Seal the pork for 1 minutes on each side in a hot pan then continue to cook on a lower heat for 5 more minutes.  Remove from pan and keep warm whilst making sauce.

1.  While pork is cooking prepare plates for serving – 1 minute
2.  Check on the tarts cooking.

12.20pm Plate up the dessert and garnish. 2 minutes
12.22pm Turn the pork

1.  Make the Cider and Our Cow Molly Cream Sauce

2.  Deglaze the pan with 200ml of PJ taste cider, reduce down by at least half then add Apple Puree and Our Cow Molly Cream and season to taste
Return the pork to the pan to coat with sauce and serve.