Some PJ taste inspiration for 2014

As Sheffield caterers dedicated to local sourcing we have a direct and vital involvement with the local community.  Here’s some of the ways we would like to extend this involvement 2014 – a list I guess but also a way for us to make a committment to these initiatives – in public!

PJ taste with some children from Lower Meadows School after making pancakes with produce from Whirlow Hall Farm

The Master Cutler Challenge 2014

Our business depends on many of the excellent resources produced in Sheffield and these are not just the raw ingredients but some of the excellent initiatives that individuals and the business community have developed.  These inspire and help give a focus for the whole team on a wider purpose whilst at the same time helping us communicate our business benefits.

Thats why we have signed up for this years Master Cutler Challenge.  Our staff have been busy dreaming up fund raising ideas and we aim to share these here over the next few weeks as well as publishing the money we are collecting as it comes in.

Both Whirlow Hall Farm Trust and Sheffield Hospitals Charity who are beneficiaries of this years Challenge have directly benefited our staff on numerous occasions and there is  genuine feeling that we all want to support this excellent initiative.  The competitive challenge to raise the greatest amount possible is also a driver!

Jill White

Talking of inspiring we have been lucky enough to have known Jill virtually since we started out as PJ tste in 2006.  Jill’s new blog demonstartes what we have known all along – that here is one expert Connector.  To para phrase Malcolm Gladwell from The Tipping Point:

Connectors know people across an array of social, cultural, professional, and economic circles, and make a habit of introducing people who work or live in different circles. They are people who “link us up with the world…people with a special gift for bringing the world together”.  We have been very grateful for Jill’s encouragement, her introductions and ability to show us doors that we would have otherwise not know let alone open.  Jill’s blog is essentail readingand also check out Jill’s husbands site, Andy, for his Thinking in 3D insight.

So our committment to the networking that Jill facilitates so excellently is to keep on taking part, but importantly share, collaborate and support.

Michael Dungworth with the Sheffield Egg. PJ taste won the Peter Jone’s Enterprise Academy work placement of the year for his time with us.