Sheffield's Golden Solar Egg

The installation of our solar panels at 54 staniforth road

The installation of our solar panels at 54 staniforth road

We're opening our new premises in Attercliffe with a big question in mind - how to develop our sustainability ethos.

We've always been committed to sourcing local produce. So as a growing business, we thought, why not source our energy locally too? Our new building on Staniforth Road is blessed with a good sized, south-facing roof ideal for photovoltaic panels. We've ordered an electric van and are looking to replace the traditional gas boiler with a biomass unit. We're also planning to install heat recovery to turn our waste heat into hot water for washing up.

Solar energy will now contribute to our energy needs day in, day out – meaning every Sheffield Egg we make, and every dish we prepare, will have had some help from the sun.

The installation was completed in the depths of December by Energy Jump, a Sheffield company specialising in renewal energy. We were thrilled by what director Rob Samuelson had to say about us!

PJ taste are a fantastic, innovative local business with a great ethos. Most importantly they make delicious food. Just don’t tell the wife!

“Their Award Winning Sheffield Egg, which ranks alongside Henderson’s Relish as a unique Sheffield speciality (for the uninitiated a healthier tastier version of a Scotch egg) is a beauty to behold. We were delighted to install their solar photovoltaic system which will generate around 9000 kilowatt hours of clean green energy, every year for 30 years to come.

Energy Jump have told us that there’s a growing number of businesses in Yorkshire and beyond choosing to make their roof space pay their electricity bills. A trend we hope is here to stay!

The fantastic kitchen facilities we've installed at our new home in Attercliffe are making us really excited for the grand opening. Not only does this mean increasing the volume of local produce we grow - it also gives us a great space for meetings, parties and banquets!