Finca Slow: The world's greenest olive oil?

We recently received a very exciting delivery!

Dan McTiernan from Finca Slow in Spain has brought over their entire 2014 olive oil harvest.

Peter with Dan from from Finca Slow.

Peter with Dan from from Finca Slow.

We were interested in buying this extra virgin cold pressed oil for two reasons. Firstly, their production methods are as green as green can be. Secondly, the oil is exceptional. The olives are harvested early which gives them a very fruity, delicate flavour.

Finca Slow are using a permaculture style of farming. This works to reverse some of the extensive mono-cultures of unsustainable methods, which are destroying much of the top soil in many olive groves in Spain.

We first found out about their olive oil through their permaculture article. Their oil is at least three times what we would normally pay for olive oil; but we were taken by the story and the sustainable way they’re growing!

Livin' the Good Life

We chatted to Dan about his journey when he delivered, and it's honestly an inspiration! He and his wife Johanna could not afford to buy land to grow in the UK, so instead found the plot in Spain. They moved there with a 6 month old and 5 year old child into a yurt - totally off grid, as it still is!

They look very well on it! Dan says he and his family really appreciate the outdoor growing life, which is physically demanding but extremely fulfilling. They'd love to make a living from this, but it’s still early days – the oil he brought over is their first full crop.

Olive trees tend to be biennial in the way they produce, so Dan’s family have to be ready for a less fruitful harvest next year. By diversifying and planting almond trees, vines (to produce dried fruit – they want to look at crops requiring no refrigeration, so no plans for wine etc.) and having livestock grazing they hope to produce further income streams from the same land, while maintaining their kindness towards it.

You have to give Dan and his family some credit – they really are living the good life here! We'll be using the oil as a condiment on the tables for our wedding breakfast and dinner catering this year, and can't wait to taste more of their produce.