Our Meeting and Dining Venue Refurbishment Update #4

Work continues on our major refurbishment to give a unique meeting, dining and event space at our base at 54 Stanifoth Road, Sheffield.  On the building work front it has been been great to see the faster progress now as Farlwoods, our excellent construction contractors from Sheffield,  complete plastering in the main room and tackle heavy concrete work removing the old staircase.  This will make way for a much more open and pleasant entrance and staircase.  This area will be completed with a kitchen, toilets and circulation into the main room.

With an opening date in May we are now working on the detail for the interior.  We have been fortunate to discover a talented Sheffield based lighting designer.  Diala Dajani has worked with our plans to advise how we can achieve flexible and stylish lighting solutions.  Flexible as the space will need to accommodate a range of events from business style events to more intimate dining.  And stylish in the sense that we enhance the buildings features particularly its industrial heritage and to show off the beautiful roof trusses.

A proposed layout for pendant and spot lights

A proposed layout for pendant and spot lights


Working with local furniture suppliers, Ponsford, we have selected some contemporary Italian designer chairs.  We hope these will provide an interesting contrast to the very organic tables being made from reused pallets by the Daniel Bros.  Finally tiling for the toilets has been sourced from Nick Firth just down the road from us and vertical radiators in an anthracite colour are being fitted.  Can't wait until we can show you all around!

Peter Moulam

The people behind PJ Taste are champions of seasonally inspired local food. John and Peter opened their coffee shop on West Street in 2006 where a smoked tofu salad with gluten-free noodles became the best seller. This creativity has characterised their food from the start, and the wide range of options, from office buffets and weddings to spits roasts and wood-fired pizza, really sets the venture apart. Today PJ Taste employs a team of dedicated caterers to deliver delicious and innovative food for business events and family celebrations all over Sheffield and Derbyshire.