Chef Lee and the Chatsworth Country Fair


Lee Mangles, PJ taste's new Head Chef is this year once again in action at the Chatsworth Country Fair.  He will be found on Friday and Saturday "sandwiched" between Mary Berry and Paul Holywood in the Cookery Theatre.  There is a synopsis of all chefs here and here is the full schedule.

This year Lee will be demonstrating two PJ taste classics, The Sheffield Egg and our infusions of local herbs and fruits, Citrus HIts.  The Sheffield Egg has an interesting story - although we say it ourselves! 

The Sheffield Egg recipe as it appears in The Sheffield Cookbook, Second Helpings is here.


The seasonal flavours of Citrus Hits Lee will be demonstrating are Rosehip with Hibiscus and Orange and Blackberry with Orange.  So this seems as good as any time to relook at the labels of all the flavours which feature some iconic Sheffield scenes.  Here they are!

Best of luck Lee.