A Potent Warning

Just read a piece by Nicholas Evans the author of the Horse Whisperer in Saturdays Times.  It’s a frightening warning of the dangers of eating wild fungi.

In 2008 he, his wife, and his sister and her husband eat the fungi Cortinarius speciosissimus – deadly webcap which can be mistaken for the prized Chanterell.  With a quick diagnosis they have all survived but with severe illness.  Renal failure has meant they are dependant on regular kidney dialysis and now long to have a kidney transplant.  Its a harrowing tale and brings home the dangers in the wild and the power of nature to harm as well as bring benefits.

Avoid these at all costs. Even a small nibble can be deadly.

I’ve got a long way to go before I eat any wild fungi – for the moment I will stick with those available from our major retailers!  Bon Appetit.