An Evening with Bread

No this is not an invitation to spend the evening with the 1970′s Californian rock band but with us!  Our recent experience with bread making, specifically spelt sourdough, has led to a number of requests for a closer look from some of our interested associates.  This gave us the idea to make an evening of it consisting of a hand-ons practical session for those interested followed by a meal for all.  Places are necessarily limited by space so please e-mail us if you are interested at  Details below.

Draft Programme.  25 February 2010.  The Technology Centre Catcliffe

Opportunity for interested participants to watch a demonstration and take part in some hands on bread making from 5.30pm.  Meal served at 7pm.

The topics covered to include:

1)  Making a sourdough starter.  Participants will use PJ taste Carr House farms flours to make their own starter to take home.
(Carr House Farm flours available to purchase).

2)  Making sourdough bread – from sponge to the final dough.  A chance to see in real-time the various stages of making sourdough.

3)  Slower is better.  Methods of extending the fermentation in a standard loaf over a longer period and crafty ways of scheduling easy stages into a normal working day to give beautiful bread with very little effort.

4)  Shaping and baking focaccia, and soup bread for tea into rolls, plaits and loaves.


PJ taste Hot and Sour Soup with local Jews Ear fungus served with fresh baked breads.

Main Course

Local meat platters including PJ taste cured Bresola with Parmesan, Rocket and Olive Oil, Rivelin Valley Chicken Liver Pate, Rillettes from Local Pork, Marinated Mackerel Filets, Stilton and Leek Tart

Spelt sourdough, rye breads, focaccia.

Fennel and Beetroot Salad with a garlic Aioli
Red Cabbage, Apple, Carrot and Walnut Salad


Brioche Bread and Butter Pudding with PJ taste Marmalade served with a glass of PJ taste Mead

Tea and Coffee

£12.95 per person including VAT, Beers and Wines will be available for purchase