Shake up your wake up - Farmhouse Breakfast Week

Alerted initially by Missie CinDz to Farmhouse Breakfast Week (23rd – 29th January) the images in my head were of fry ups, bed and breakfasts and lazy Sunday mornings.  Not things we tend to do at PJ taste!  However, catching Missie CinDz’s enthusiasm I realised that we have a great range of interesting foods which make an ideal breakfast.  Combined with our great coffee what else could you wish for?  Well one thing is excellent sausages and Tuesday saw a PJ taste delegation visiting Moss Valley Fine Meats.

The purpose was to learn more about the high health farming methods employed by Stephen and Karen at Povey Farm and the high quality pork products they make in their bespoke butchery (we had a great afternoon and gained so much knowledge that I will write separately about this soon).  One immediate result is that the sausages in the sourdough toastie on the menu below is now from the Moss Valley!

PJ taste Latte

PJ taste’s Contribution to Shake up Your Wake Up Farmhouse Breakfast Week – available at 249 Glossop Road, PJ taste @ Site Canteen and The Technology Centre Catcliffe

The Ultimate Toastie.  PJ taste sourdough bread made with Organic Yorkshire wheat featuring Moss Valley Fine Foods finest Pork Sausage, Onions and Cheddar £3.75/£4.50

The PJ taste Porridge Pot. Developed in conjunction with the Olympic athelites Kristan Bromley and Shelley Rudman this is a greaty start to the day.  Organic Yorkshire Oats, with nuts, fruit and Yorkshire Hemp. Nutritious energy right through the day.  £1.75

PJ taste Gluten Free PowerBar.  For delicious slow release energy on the move.  Made with our own recipe to ensure avoiding wheat and containing the highest quality ingredients.  £0.95

PJ taste Fruit Pot.  Seasonal fruits with Longley Farm bioactive yoghurt topped with Organic Yorkshire Oat Granola.  £1.95

PJ taste Citrus Hits® – Infusions of Yorkshire Herbs and Fruits with Fresh Citrus Juice.  £1.75/£2.25*

PJ taste Smoothies

Mango Blast – Pineapple, Mango and Papaya £2.75

Berry Breakfast – Pomegranate, Apple, Strawberry and Blackcurrant with Sheffield Honey, Organic Yorkshire Oats, and Longley Farm Bioactive Yoghurt £2.95

Cranberry Squeeze – Cranberry, Pineapple, Mandarin £2.75

Strawberry Fields Forever Strawberry, Peach and Papaya £2.75