Supporting Activity Sheffield

Activity Sheffield is a Sheffield City Council initiative offering “a range of sport, play and physical activity sessions, aiming to get more people, more active, more often!”  We have always felt that there is only one thing better than great food and drink and that is great food and drink enjoyed after a vigorous exercise, preferably in the great outdoors and buffeted by the wind and rain!

Some of the Activity Sheffield Team – Newfield School 29 Oct 2010

Given all this we have recently been very pleased to have sponsored the food at some of their Blastoff football competitions.  Blastoff is a Football On Your Doorstep initiative for 11 – 16 year olds. It provides fun, structured and safe sessions at vulnerable times of the year.  Given the evening event times and the fact that we are now well into the colder Autumn/Winter nights we decided hot soup and a selection of PJ taste hand made breads would work well.

The soups we made although tomato based contained a variety of vegetables and pulses and the bread had a large proportion of Yorkshire whole wheat flour.  A bit risky perhaps given the brief that we were catering to a demographic definitely moulded by the Fast Food nation.  We need not have worried and despite some initial looks of consternation when we were serving the reaction on tasting was of universal approval.  The meals were finished with fresh seasonal fruit (kindly sponsored by AJ Webb of Sheffield the predominant supplier at Sheffield’s wholesale market) and juice and water for further re-hydration.

So what of the results.  At Newfield School the finalists included Sheffield FC, Sheffield Boys, 7 Lions and Takeaway. These team then went through to the City wide finals which took place at Concord Sports centre on Friday the 13th November the winning teams being Stinky mink from the 14-16 age group and Tinsley Milan from the 11-13 age group.

As a treat for the winners Activity Sheffield are taking the teams to Manchester City Football club for a day out to include a ground tour.

Our involvement was enjoyable and it was great to see our food being appreciated and hopefully an inspiration for some of the kids to enjoy more food prepared from fresh, seasonal ingredients.

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