Back in training - Adam Etches

Following his convincing win at Ponds Forge on the 26th April to gain the vacant WBC Youth World middleweight title to add to his IBF Youth Super Middleweight and IBF Youth Middleweight title, Adam is back in training for his next bout.  With balanced nutrition gained from quality “clean” food such an important partner to strenght and conditioning work we are pleased to be supporting Adam again.

This weeks meals are as follows.  Adam’s favourite meal of our Chilli made with Peak Buffalo is featured!

Food Plan for Adam Etches by PJ taste

Week Commencing: 26 May 2014

Each week we will add some nutrition related facts relating to the benefit of local, fresh and wholesome food.  This week it’s all about buffalo!  Please see the end of this document.
Breakfast: PJ taste fruit pot with Longley farm bio-active yoghurt and granola and
PJ taste Porridge Pot with Our Cow Molly semi-skimmed milk; choice of tea (trad English, green tea, or fruit and herb tea) or PJ taste handcrafted coffee

Lunch : PJ taste salad of Avocado with fresh basil pesto, and basmati rice; English apple.  PJ taste flapjack

Dinner: PJ taste Chilli made with Buffalo Mince, Vegetables and Puy Lentils. English Strawberry fruit pot
Breakfast: 2 eggs poached on two slices of wholegrain bread (Fosters of barnsley or Cat Lane Sheffield bread) fried tomatoes (in (Yorkshire rapeseed oil) and one rasher Whirlowhall Farm bacon.  Banana.  Choice of tea (trad English, green tea, or fruit and herb tea) or PJ taste handcrafted coffee

Lunch: Large wholemeal bread roll with Smoked salmon pate, and salad, Roasted garlic and tomato hummus with crisp vegetable sticks, bottle of PJ taste Citrus Hits

Dinner: Moss Valley Pork Loin stuffed and cooked with bacon), roast vegetable salad with quinoa and fat-free dressing

Snacks: 50g mixed nuts;
Breakfast: PJ taste porridge pot with organic hemp seed fruit and nuts
Vanilla poached figs and pears with Longley Farm Bioactive Yoghurt, Choice of tea (trad English, green tea, or fruit and herb tea) or PJ taste handcrafted coffee
Lunch: Greek Style Salad with Quinoa.  Apple with mixed fruit and nut selection.  Pint semi-skimmed Our Cow Molly milk
Dinner: Grilled salmon with harissa served on herby rice, PJ taste grown white sprouting broccoli and carrots; PJ taste low sugar chocolate meringue with local grown berries, low-fat yogurt,
Snacks: 50g mixed sunflower seeds, pumpkin and sesame seeds

Breakfast: Granary toast with 2 Whirlowhall Farm fried eggs, fried tomatoes (Yorkshire rapeseed oil) low-fat spread and honey; banana;

Lunch: A PJ taste Sheffield Egg, Brown rice salad with toasted seeds, PJ taste fruity flapjack, Harrogate spring water
Dinner: Grilled steak with baked sweet potato wedges, grilled mushrooms, tomatoes, salad, Low sugar Banana poppy orange ginger and choc muffins
Snacks: nectarine and grapes

This week’s nutritional food insight – all comments welcome
We are what we eat and in fact we are what the animals we eat, eat!  The water buffalo we buy from Eastmoor Farm are organically farmed and their natural lifestyle make them a healthy alternative to much beef.  Here’s some more information from the farms web site:
“Many people are curious about the taste of buffalo, which is very similar to beef. It has a slightly richer,fuller flavour, but what sets it apart from beef are its nutritional benefits and also our production methods.
We take pride in ensuring that all of our water buffalo has been hung for 3 weeks, and butchered with great attention to detail at our farm. And for the conservation minded, they are reared organically and naturally with no questionable drugs, chemicals or hormones.

Water buffalo meat has a number of health benefits. It contains only half the fat and cholesterol, but also has twice the calcium and protein of beef.  Lean buffalo has half the fat content of lean beef, and has proportionately less saturated fat.
In addition to these obvious health benefits there is the added bonus that there has been no incidence of BSE found in any buffalo in the world.
Water buffalo is ideal for the health conscious and people suffering with a variety of health issues, such as:   High cholesterol levels, heart disease, weight problems and diabetes. It’s also great for growing children with it being higher in protein and calcium:.