This week Adam will be eating and looking at permaculture!

Meal Plan Week Commencing: 21 April 2014

Adam is a 23 year old professional boxer from the Sheffiled with15 fights and15 wins  current ibf youth champion and Ambassador for @WPCancerCharity.  PJ taste are supporting Adam with supply of our creative and locally sourced food.  These delicious and nutritious meals will help Adam as he trains for his next challenge at Ponds Forge on the 26th April.  In this run up week to his next fight the portion sizes are somewhat reduced.
Let us know if you would like to follow Adam’s progress, see how the meal plan helps him reach his fitness objectives or even if you would like to buy into this nutritious and convenient way of dining.
Each week we will add some nutrition related facts relating to the benefit of local, fresh and wholesome food.  With the Easter weekend expected to see a surge in visits to our garden centres why not consider a permaculture style approach to your planning and purchases.  Permaculture is well defined by Ken and Addy Fern who set up a charitable company, plants for a future,  to research and grow edible and useful plants.  As they say on their web site (

Plants for a future’s plant of the week

“There are over 20,000 species of edible plants in the world yet fewer than 20 species now provide 90% of our food. However, there are hundreds of less well-known edible plants from all around the world that are both delicious and nutritious. It is our belief that plants can provide people with the majority of their needs, in a way that cares for the planet’s health. A wide range of plants can be grown to produce all our food needs and many other commodities, whilst also providing a diversity of habitats for our native flora and fauna.”
For advice on growing some of the lesser known and unusual edible plants, with an emphasis on perennials see their web site or buy the excellent book Plants For A Future: Edible & Useful Plants For A Healthier World (Ken Ferns Original Book)


Its Easter Monday and Adam will be catching up on his supply of PJ taste porridge pots for breakfast and enjoying putting together his own evening stir fry of chicken and local vegetables with brown basmati rice

Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled on one slice of wholegrain bread (Fosters of barnsley or Cat Lane Sheffield bread) fried tomatoes (in (Yorkshire rapeseed oil) and one rasher Whirlowhall Farm bacon.  Banana.  Choice of tea (trad English, green tea, or fruit and herb tea) or PJ taste handcrafted coffee

Lunch: Pearl (giant Cous cous) with Pomegrante dressing and feta cheese.  Fresh fruit.  Bottle of Harrogate spring water

Dinner: PJ taste chilli made from peak Buffalo mince (half fat of beef), Jacket Potato and salad

Snacks and drinks: 50g mixed nuts; English apple;
Breakfast: PJ taste porridge pot with organic hemp seed fruit and nuts, Choice of tea (trad English, green tea, or fruit and herb tea) or PJ taste handcrafted coffee

Lunch: Smoked tofu salad with wheat free noodles, PJ taste power bar
Dinner: Chicken and mushroom stir fry with a mixed pulse and rice salad; low-fat yogurt and mixed berry dessert,
Snacks: 50g mixed sunflower seeds, pumpkin and sesame seeds

Breakfast: Granary toast with 2 Whirlowhall Farm fried eggs, fried tomatoes (Yorkshire rapeseed oil) low-fat spread and honey; banana; Chilli and jasmine fruit salad –

Lunch: Salad of Sheffield egg with Red Quinoa with Toasted Seeds salad
Orange with mixed fruit and nut selection
Dinner: Grilled steak with baked sweet potato wedges, grilled mushrooms, tomatoes, salad, Low sugar muffins
Snacks: banana

Breakfast: PJ taste fruit pot with Longley farm bio-active yoghurt and granola and
PJ taste Porridge Pot with Our Cow Molly semi-skimmed milk; choice of tea (trad English, green tea, or fruit and herb tea) or PJ taste handcrafted coffee
Lunch: Large wholemeal bread roll with Smoked mackerel pate, watercress and cucumber, Roasted garlic and tomato hummus with crisp vegetable sticks,
Harrogate spring water
Dinner:  Moss Individual Lasagne, with mixed salad,  PJ taste chia seed and chocolate mousse